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When the four Fs — Food, Faith, Fitness and Fellowship — come together, incredible things happen. That’s the philosophy of CF4, and that’s the cornerstone of every single program we develop.

To us, it’s simple: our bodies are temples designed for God, by God. Everything we do to our body matters, from the food we eat to the physical challenges we overcome to the emotional journeys. Why? Because it all impacts those temples — the temples God has given to us, the and temples from which He expects great things.

When we stray from the path of health and well-being we damage our bodies, our minds, our spirits and, even, our relationship to God. Eating unhealthy foods weighs not just on our physical appearance but on our emotional health as well. Same goes for fitness — working out not only improves what we see in the mirror but, at the same time, relieves stress, releases feel-good endorphins and keeps negative emotions at bay. All of this pays forward in how we behave and how we engage with others. And when we’re happy, healthy and whole, we can better glorify and celebrate God, and honor the temples He’s created — our bodies.

At CF4 we wanted everyone to understand this deep, spiritual connection, and strive to connect the Fs in their own lives — because only then will we unite body, mind and spirit in perfect harmony and, in turn, elevate and honor both God and ourselves.

Join us on this journey towards health, well-being and spiritual unity.

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